Food Ideology

We believe in creating delicious food that represents Brisbane and that has a powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. We do this by sourcing local produce from passionate farmers that share our values for sustainability and waste minimisation. For our meats this means they have great life's, slaughtered humanely and farmed sustainably. It is a lot of added work but we strongly believe this process makes a big impact on the sustainability of our communities. 


Our flavours reflect the diversity of our communities by drawing on cooking techniques and taste profiles of Brisbane’s cultural melting-pot. Creating something truly unique yet comforting. It’s delicious guilt free food that you can eat every day and be proud of.


Drinks Ideology

Our drinks list is short and seasonal. We believe in working with great producers who share our values for waste minimisation and sustainability. Our wines and beers change with our food, moreover, we have a great range of non-alcoholic options that are every-bit as special and thought conscious

We have our sample menus below. This menu can change almost daily depending on micro seasonal produce, the best way to find out what's on is to pop-in or check our social media pages.