We’re always looking for ways to make your café experience better.

In 2020 we looked at all the various order ahead and loyalty Apps out there, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly. We wanted an App that represented our service, flexibility and warmth … so, we decided to create the Botero House App, which combines ordering ahead, loyalty points and exclusive access into one easy to use platform.

Where do I find your App?

Just search your phones App store for "Botero House". You'll be able to spot our Red Logo and App name. 

How do I order ahead with the App?

Ordering ahead with our App is nice & simple. 

  1. Make sure you have the right Location selected (it’s at the top of the Home screen)

  2. Tap the 'How are you Ordering' button (it's at the bottom of the Home screen)

  3. Select 'Order Ahead'

  4. Add your products. Your cart will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Tap your Cart > Check Out

  6. Tap the blue button Pay with App

  7. Head in store to collect 


Your attached payment method is only ever charged for what you order and a receipt will be sent to your email. You can also check a history of orders in the App under My Activity.

If you have credit on your profile it will automatically be used for your purchase. If the total purchase is more than your current credit balance, your default attached payment method will be used to pay the balance.

For every $1 you spend using the app you'll automatically earn 13 points. Your current point balance will always be visible on the home screen of your App.

Once you've earned enough points, these can be used to redeem Credit - think of credit like cash-back, ready to use on your next purchase. 


Can I order ahead for dine in?

Unfortunately not – to make the system as easy as possible, Order Ahead is for take away orders only. If you choose to dine in with us our staff will look after you. However, you can still use the App to Pay in Store (see below) so you will still earn points on your Dine In visits 😊

Your attached payment method is only ever charged for what you order and a receipt will be sent to your email. For every $1 you spend 13 loyalty points will be automatically added to your profile.

If you have credit on your profile this will automatically be used for your purchase. If the total purchase is more than your current credit balance, your default attached payment method will be used for the balance.

*Don't worry, if you forget to tap the 'Leave' button, the system will automatically check you out of the store after a couple of hours.


How do I exchange my points for credit?

  1. On the Home Screen, tap the '750 points for $5 credit' card.

  2. Tap the 'Redeem' button & 'Confirm'.

  3. Done!

Your current Credit balance will now be visible on the Home screen of your App, alongside your current point balance. 


How do I use my credit for purchases?

You current credit balance will be automatically deducted from your next purchase. If your purchase is more than your available credit balance, your credit will be used first, and then any remaining amount will be charged to your linked payment method.


How do I check if my credit was applied to my purchase?

There are two places you can check:

  1. In your App - under My Activity (located in the top left menu).

  2. On the receipt that was sent to your email.


How do I add a payment method?

You can add your preferred Payment Method in the App: 

  1. Tap the top left menu from the app Home screen

  2. Select Payment

  3. Tap the button Add New Payment Method

  4. Verify your profile (only required once via SMS - learn more here)

  5. Add your payment method & done!

Once you've added your card you are ready to make a purchase, either in-app or in-store. The card is encrypted, stored in a vault and never ever shared. Our encryption process is the same used by global technology companies such as Uber and AirBnB.

You can easily add, remove, and set your default payment method at any time.


Why do I have to add a Payment Method to redeem my Free Credit?

Adding a payment method is required to complete set up, however, when you make a purchase the App will always use your Credit first, so after you redeem your Free $5 Credit it will be used before your card is charged. 


How do I enter an exclusive code?

  1. Open your App

  2. Tap the top left Menu,

  3. Select from 'Voucher' from the list of items

  4. Type in your code

  5. Press 'Apply'

After entering your code, a 'Success' message should appear! Depending on what this code provides, you will:

  1. Have more points - check your current point balance on the home screen

  2. Have more credit - check your current credit balance on the home screen

Can I use my points on your online store?

No, your App account is for in-store experiences only. However, if you’d like to purchase any of our retail products, simply ask our staff if the product is in store, and you can use the app to pay for it and earn points.

Why can't  I find the Botero House App in my App store?

The Botero House App is only available in the Australian App Store and Google Play store. If you're App store is set to Australia and you still can't find it, just get in touch with our support team on manager@boterohouse.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Help! Something doesn’t seem right

If you have any issues with the App, you can lodge your query via the Support section (located in the top left main menu). Our IT team will look into and get back to you within 24 hours, and if any payment needs to be refunded or changed, rest assured they’ll sort it out.

If you’re in store, let us know if you’re experiencing any difficulties – our retail teams aren’t developers but they can easily sort out any product queries you might have.

The Botero House App is designed to make things easier for you to have an incredible in-store experience, and we appreciate any and all feedback about your experience using it.

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